Room Accessories That Can Transform a Room

room accessories

Accessories, whether modest accents or dramatic features, have the power to change a room and bring it to life. It might be as simple as adding color highlights to a room by adding texture and pattern, or it could be as complex as unleashing your creativity and tinkering around with your decor pieces with renewed vitality and style.

A room should never only be a passageway from one space to another. But how do you personalize your space with accessories to give your area added personality and a reason to spend some time there? We have the answers for you. Read on to find out how room accessories can transform your space and make your home unique to you.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The floor rug is a very important element in room decor that can influence the appearance of a room. It’s a significant accent item, so be wise when choosing one for your space.

In a plain room with no other large pieces that can create focus points, a rug with a bold pattern would be lovely. The colors don’t need to stand out. Texture or pattern alone can make the rug the focal point of your room.

Rugs give warmth and layers to a room’s design. They give visual interest to your space and connect all the other décor details.

If you’re using several rugs in a space, be sure they’re not all the same size. Same-sized rugs might divide a room in half. When using more than one rug in a space, it’s preferable if they have similar styles. Use the rug to complement or blend in with your current color scheme.

Choose a rug with a subtle design if your furniture or wallpaper has an intricate pattern. When the walls and furnishings are rather neutral, a busier pattern might bring interest to the space.

I Love Lamp

With the right lamp, you can change your living space and make a stylish statement. Lamps add drama to your interior when accessorizing a room and offer the living area a luxurious touch.

Whether the lamp has a beautiful glass base or a metal or wooden base, these touches make all the difference. Lamps are also more appealing than overhead lighting. They give more of a soft glow and cozy ambiance to a room than the harsh white glare of overhead lighting.

Keep It Natural

Playing around with natural pieces when accessorizing rooms in your home is the best way to go. Fill a glass vase with lemons for a fresh, low-cost style accent for your kitchen.

Bring in a bunch of yellow daffodils in to brighten up your living room. A potted plant or a vase loaded with fresh flowers can brighten up a room and provide the perfect amount of drama.

Sprinkle lush greenery throughout your space. It is less expensive, lasts longer than fresh cut flowers, and you can transplant the bulbs in your garden!

Did you find a piece of driftwood on your last visit to the beach? Lay it across your coffee table with a few succulents in neutral-toned pots. Or, place unique rocks or shells in a wooden bowl. Natural elements bring the outdoors in and help to create a peaceful space.

Pillow Talk

The throw pillow is the floor rug’s cousin. It’s another important component that’s often used as an emphasis in interior design. A few bright cushions can transform a room from bland to striking.

Color, pattern, or both can be used in a living room that has a neutral hue. Select pillows in tones that you prefer, but keep the color palette restrained. For a stronger impression, use alternate patterns and blend them to create a dynamic look.

Pillows are a simple and cost-effective way to add accents to your room. This is one of the cheapest and most efficient approaches to freshening up your space.

If your other furniture pieces are neutral, use bold colors and shapes to add definition. Replace your sofa or bed’s throw pillows with bright colored ones, and don’t be afraid to incorporate a strong print. Consider different patterns, fabrics, and shapes when selecting throw pillows to give texture to your room’s decor.

Blend the Rules

Another approach to transforming the décor and ambiance of a room is to use art. A room that is generally neutral, cold, and uninviting can transform into one that is bold, vibrant, and enticing.

Use lively and vibrant artwork to compliment the vibe in a neutral setting. Choose one or two prominent spots, or disperse the artwork across the space. Art can be the central focus of your area; a piece of artwork can bring an extra pop to your space, transforming it.

Choose your art piece based on your style. If your space is ornate, look for pieces that will complement it well. A classical piece, art deco, or some pop art with strong colors will bring a drab room to life.

Basket Case

Baskets are the ideal accessory because they are both utilitarian and attractive. Play around with various sizes and shapes, but keep the texture consistent. This prevents the accent pieces from becoming cluttered.

Hang a lightweight and affordable woven basket on a living room wall! It is a simple way to add charm and coziness without spending loads of money or committing to the expense of framed art.

Definitely a High Light

A chandelier can hang in almost any room in the house and make it more beautiful. Petite versions with graceful, feminine curvature, sparkling crystal drops, flowers, petals, and other ornamentation bring appeal to small powder rooms, hallways, and even kitchens.

Natural basket weave hanging fixtures with amber bulbs bring warmth and chill to a space with bohemian vibes or a simple and relaxed kick-your-feet-up aesthetic. A lovely chandelier never goes out of style.

A vibrant colored chandelier in a white room or an antique light in a more modern dining area will provide visual interest. Chandeliers could be the focal point of a conversation at the table, or they can be subtle and fit in with the surroundings.

Reflect on This

Mirrors are the ideal addition to your home because they are elegant and sophisticated. They create a beautiful backdrop for your lounge area or make a stylish statement in your entrance by adding glam.

The solitary decor accent, whether vintage or modern, works wonders when placed in the living room or behind the dining room table. Mirrors serve a variety of purposes, from reflecting and accentuating views and colors from art and nearby walls to adding dimension and light to your room.

In a small area, full-length floor mirrors may make a big impact. In a bedroom, living room, or even at the end of a hallway, a framed, full-size mirror set on the floor and leaning against the wall can brighten the area and give an illusion of more space.

Wood You Believe It?

It is easier to manage one huge potted tree or large plant rather than many small ones. And, it gives a powerful visual effect! 

There’s no crime in choosing a decent fake tree if your living space is light-deprived or your green thumb isn’t so green. To keep faux trees looking their best, dust them or wipe them clean with a moist cloth regularly. This will work for real trees, as well!

Strike a Prose

There is a good reason why coffee table books are considered a classic living room accessory. They’re lovely, romantic, and provide something to look at while you’re lounging on the couch or entertaining visitors as they wait for their beverages. Coffee table books can also inject a splash of color into a bland space.

It’s a Blowout

Whether you prefer fragrant candles in glass containers, votives, LED pillar candles, hurricane lamps candles, or tapered candles in old brass candlesticks, candlelight has a rustic charm that lends instant atmosphere to the living area. To save money and reduce waste, use rechargeable batteries with LED candles, and opt for eco-friendly components and natural scents when purchasing conventional candles.

Steps Will Have to Be Taken

A throw blanket is among the coziest of items you can add to your living area. While a single throw blanket might give warmth to a sofa or armchair, having several blankets for everybody in the house can make your space appear cluttered and disorganized.

You can remedy this by placing a blanket ladder up against the wall and storing folded blankets on it when they are not in use. In the summer, you can leave the ladder unattended, use it to store publications, or embellish each step with LED fairy lights for an extra special glow.

Room Accessories Make All the Difference

Simple changes to your room accessories, like upgrading the light shades to change the mood, refreshing a sofa with a slipcover, colorful pillows, and an unexpected throw, make all the difference. Make an art deco expression by changing your art or simply adding some green apples or bright yellow lemons to a tall vase.

The placement of accessories, rather than the goods themselves, is what makes a strong statement. And, we can help you find the right accessories for your home!

With our selection of home furnishings, you can create your dream heaven. We take care of all of your furniture requirements to make outfitting your home as fun as dwelling in it. Contact us, or check out our Blog section for more helpful information.

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