How to Choose the Right Dresser Dimensions

dresser dimensions

Did you know that the earliest use of the word dresser dates to 16th century England? This piece of furniture was used in kitchen and dining areas as extra serving space but shifted into what we know today when it came to America. 

If you need a dresser but are unsure of the dresser dimensions, keep reading. 

Space and Specs 

The standard dresser has between six and nine drawers and is average waist tall, around 26-44 inches. Additionally, the standard dresser is 36-60 inches wide and 16-20 inches deep. Therefore, the typical dresser size may not be the correct size for you. 


Once you know where the bedroom dresser will be, make sure to measure the distance between the wall and the piece of furniture it will face, which is typically the bedroom. Next, subtract 36 inches to get the dresser depth. The depth is necessary because the correct measurement makes sure you have enough room to open and close the drawers. 


Before you buy a dresser, you also need to measure the width, which you do by measuring the wall area you plan to place the dresser. Make sure that any doors or other pieces of furniture in the room do not hit the dresser or impact its functionality. 


Common placements for bedroom dressers are underneath a window, or as a stand for a TV, so measuring height is essential. Measuring height consists of measuring from the floor to the window sill or floor to ceiling to ensure the dresser and whatever you place on top of it fit comfortably. 

Dresser Types

Numerous styles differ due to their dresser dimensions and design, materials, style, and price. The most common is the standard horizontal dresser, which stems from one of the oldest pieces of furniture: the chest. There is also the standard vertical chest, known as a tallboy. If a cupboard replaces the top half, the dresser becomes an armoire. 

Combo dressers are also trendy and combine the standard horizontal and vertical dressers. This dresser type is popular due to ample storage in a single piece of furniture. 

Other dresser types include: 

  • Dresser and changing table combo
  • Gentlemen’s Chest
  • Lingerie Chest / Semainier
  • Loft/Bed dresser combo

Dresser Materials 

In addition to the dresser style you want, you also need to consider the materials. While dressers are commonly made of wood, they can be made with other materials: metal, wicker/rattan, or leather. 

Dresser Styles

Once you know your dimensions, dresser, and the material you want, you can select a style. The most popular dresser styles are traditional, contemporary, cottage, rustic, modern, or distressed. However, be sure not to get swept up in style and forget the importance of dresser dimensions. 

Get the Proper Dresser Dimensions Today

Furnishing a place is an exciting task, but it’s important to remember it isn’t just about style but also size. So when looking for your dresser, refer to this guide for assistance on dresser dimensions in addition to the type, materials, and styles. 

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