Finding the Best Inflatable Water Slides for Adults: A Buying Guide

inflatable water slides for adults

Last summer, the hottest temperature in the world was recorded in the United States, clocking in at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. And that beat last year’s record, and the year before.

Sure, that was in Death Valley—a place known for being the hottest place on earth. But all around the country, areas are experiencing significantly hotter temperatures. And no matter where you live, you probably want to enjoy summer without sitting in the heat all day.

Why not eat the heat while reliving the joys of childhood by getting a water slide?

Whether you have kids or are a life-long kid at heart, inflatable water slides for adults are a great way to add some fun to your next outdoor gathering. 

But there’s a lot to consider when making a decision of which slide to get.

With all the options out there, you don’t want to waste your money on something that’s going to be a dud. Especially when you bust this thing out at the 4th-of-July weekend barbeque—only to disappoint all your hot (and sweaty) guests. Yikes!

Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of things to consider so you can find the perfect waterslide this summer!

How Often Are You Going to Use It?

We know you’re excited! But before you start looking at water slides to buy, consider how often you’ll actually use it. 

Are you planning to have this thing out on the reg, or just for a one-time event. With the cost of purchasing a slide (and the hassle of installation and storage), you may decide you’re better off looking at a rental. 

Cheaper models can be found for around $300, while slides with more features or made of higher quality materials can run you upwards of $600. 

But with the cost of rentals being in the $200-$400 range, even just using it for a couple of events over the summer will get you your money’s worth. And then you’ll have a fun backyard toy to enjoy for the years to come. 

Does It Need to Be Kid-Friendly?

If your plan is to go all “adult swim” with your slide, no judgment. We’re here for it. But if you’re going to have a mix of age groups, make sure the model you get is going to be safe for the younger guests on your party’s list. 

Many models feature inflatable bumpers and shallow pools for soft landings. Others have softer seams that are less likely to chafe and scratch (better for kids and adults). 

Don’t ignore the age ratings—they’re there for a reason. Some slides have features that may pose a greater risk for younger children. For example, taller elements that they can climb on or deeper pools. 

“Inflatable Water Slides For Adults” Must Also Be Adult Friendly

So yes, most of these slides you’ll find are going to be made for kids. Lame, we know.

Make sure you pay attention to the weight rating. Look for models rated for 350lbs or more. Though you’ll be hard-pressed to find one rated higher than 400lbs from what we could see. 

Even with the higher ratings, most of these slides are not safe for more than 1-to 2 people to be on at a time. Be sure that you and your guests are aware of these as well. 

Safety Considerations

As always, make sure you review the safety procedure for using a water slide with kids of all ages.

Going down the slide head first is a no-no on pretty much all house water slides. But depending on the model you choose there may be additional safety risks.

Make sure you are aware of the dangers and always have an adult to supervise young children. 

Extra Features

Inflatable slide technology has come a long way from the simple Wham-O days of yore. Today you can buy much more than just a slide. There are hundreds of models featuring fun extras and innovative designs. The question is what speaks to you. 

Many models feature sprinklers, water cannons, volleyball nets, and other built-in water-themed games. There are models that feature small climbing walls, and even waterslide-bounce house combos. Where was this when we were kids? 


If you do decide to pull the trigger on an inflatable water slide, you’re going to want one that’s durable. You want to find one that will last throughout the season. Not deflate in the middle of your 100-degree outdoor barbeque party.

Look for models using high-grade materials like PVC or chemical-grade nylon. These will be more durable and stand up better to prolonged use. 

And if your specific model doesn’t come with a repair kit, put one together yourself. Consider getting some extra material (check to see what your slide is made of) and repair adhesive. That way you can patch any tears and keep the party going. 


Before you can start having fun, there’s the not-so-fun installation. You’ll want a model that isn’t going to be a headache to get set up, so look for any feature that will make the installation as painless as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll never want to take it back out of the garage. Or shed. Or whatever dark storage area you hid it away in after muttering to yourself “Never. Again.”

Ask yourself these questions: Does this slide come with an air pump? If not, you’re going to want to buy one.

Does it have multiple pieces that need to be assembled, or is it self-contained for easy setup? 

Another consideration: Does it recycle water? Or are you going to run up the water bill having the garden hose running constantly? That can get expensive. Not to mention, it would be a bad move for the environment. Especially if you live in a state like California, which is perpetually in drought. 


The same goes for inflatable water slide storage. How easy is it to drain?

You’ll need to make sure your slide is completely dry before packing it away, lest it starts to grow mold or mildew. In which case even the thought of cleaning it might inspire you to simply throw it in the trash. 

Also, check to see if your slide has a convenient storage container. That way, you can keep it neatly folded away and prevent it from collecting dirt and grime.

Or better yet, some models include a travel bag that makes it easily portable. Pack it up and take your slide to a friend’s house, or even to a park or beach for the day. “Waterslide at the beach” sounds like the next big graduation or summer birthday party trend. 

Space Needs

Some of these slides are like mini inflatable palaces and require a lot of real estate. 

Pay attention to the dimensions. Some of these slides may take up more space than you can reasonably spare in your yard.

You don’t want to accidentally buy something that’s going to rub up against the bushes or your deck and cause an unfortunate puncture. Or worse, that’s going to test the tensile strength of your neighbor’s fence. 

Customer Reviews

The review section is going to be your best friend when it comes to deciding on which slide is right for you.

Reviewers will speak to the quality of the product. Or more often, the lack of quality that prompted them to write the review. It’s pretty much guaranteed any question you could possibly have has been answered in the reviews.

Not only that, but they’ll bring up considerations you probably would have never thought of.

Like, for example, what happens to a yard after a massive inflatable slide filled with water is sitting on the grass after a couple of days. Fair warning lawn lovers, it’s not pretty. 

Or how standing water, if you leave it out too long, attracts unwelcome visitors. That is, besides your over-heated neighbors looking to enjoy a little outdoor recreation. If you’re not diligent about draining it between uses, you’ll also find other new users of your slide. Ie. mosquitos, frogs, possibly new species of extremophilic algae…

Seriously, don’t leave these things out. It could make you extremely sick.

Still Can’t Decide?

When it comes to inflatable water slides for adults, the most important thing is that you get out there and start having fun. Don’t sweat the details too much. 

There are hundreds of options, and you really can’t go wrong. Find a model with the features you’re looking for, make sure it’s got some decent reviews, and put it in your cart. Browse our shop for dozens of options for slides and other fun outdoor recreation products.

With summer on the way, future you will thank you. Happy sliding!

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