7 Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Table

outdoor table

Did you know the average American spends 93% of their life indoors?

Being outside is great for you, but so many people don’t make it outdoors because being inside is more comfortable. One way to change that is by having the perfect outdoor setup.

The key to enjoying your time outside is having an outdoor table you and your guests can sit at comfortably for hours. However, picking out a table like that might seem overwhelming.

Read on to learn seven tips that will help you pick an incredible outdoor furniture set in no time!

1. Get Enough Seating

The first important thing when choosing outdoor furniture is picking a table with adequate seating. If you live alone and only plan to have a few people over at one time, a four-seater table will work well.

But if you have a large family, the table needs more seating to accommodate them. And if you have a bigger family and often entertain, the table needs to be even bigger.

At this point, it’s important to decide if you prefer one large table with enough seating for everyone or two smaller tables for your guests to occupy.

2. Choose the Right Size

If you have a smaller yard or a deck or patio, there are size constraints you need to keep in mind when you place your furniture.

Be sure to measure the area you plan on putting furniture. Then, if you find a piece you like, measure it to ensure it will fit properly. Keep in mind, for decks and patios, there needs to be space for people to push out their chairs and walk around as well.

Knowing the measurements will help you narrow your options when the time comes. It will also help you see which shape will work best.

For smaller areas, circle tables generally provide the most seating for the table size. For large areas, rectangle tables work well. For medium-sized areas, square tables tend to be best. You might even consider creating a sketch to see which option will work for your yard.

3. Consider the Weather

Outdoor chairs and other furniture will be outside in the elements for a long time, depending on the weather in your area.

If you get heavy rain, there’s a chance the cushions will end up with mold. Likewise, if the sun is often intense, you can probably expect some fading in your furniture.

Getting pieces made with materials designed to withstand the elements is wise. Otherwise, investing in an umbrella or some other covering can help protect the pieces. 

4. Choose Comfortable Chairs

If you plan to spend hours sitting outside catching up with friends or bonding with family, a comfortable chair is essential.

Take note of the chair measurements to make sure it’s not too high or low to the ground, as this can be uncomfortable for people of certain heights. Some chairs come with a bar installed at the bottom for shorter people to put their feet on instead of the ground.

This small detail can make a big difference for people and their comfort levels.

Take a look at the cushions, too. See what they’re made of on the outside, what the stuffing is, and how thick the cushion itself is.

This should give you a good idea of how comfortable they will be.

5. Keep Style at the Forefront

You want your outdoor furniture to function well and be stylish like anything else. 

You can take many different avenues to create a comfortable place that still ticks all the design boxes when it comes to outdoor areas. Opting for neutrals and raw materials like wood is a great way to create a space that blends with the natural surroundings.

Going for a more eclectic look with bright, vibrant colors and funky patterns is great for a poolside area. You can even go for a black-and-white theme to bring a touch of class and elegance.

No matter what styling choices you make, your outdoor area is sure to look spectacular. 

6. Think About Storage

Storage space is always something we seem to need more of. Having places to store things like blankets and outdoor games can be a nice bonus feature of your outdoor furniture.

For example, purchasing a bench seat with storage inside is a great way to store things without making it obvious. If you can’t find a table or seating with built-in storage, purchasing separate storage that matches your overall decor is still an option.

7. Opt For Durable Pieces

You want your furniture to be long-lasting. Investing in high-quality pieces now saves you from replacing cheaper furniture several times down the line.

The more durable the furniture is, the better. The standard options you will see are wood, wicker, resin, aluminum, hard plastics, and laminate. Different materials will work better in your area, depending on where you live.

Generally, the heavier the piece, the more durable it is. 

You can also purchase specific finishes that will provide waterproofing, rust-proofing, and scratch resistance on your furniture. This is especially important if you have animals or small children.

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Table

Spending more time outside is possible if you find the perfect outdoor table and chairs. The options are endless, so narrowing them down by keeping the seven tips mentioned here in mind should help you make a good decision.

You’ll be sitting outside at your stylish yet comfortable table in no time!

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